Cutting Loose with the JUICE!!


Okay, here I go with my juicing!  My husband and I are determined to eat healthier and take care of these bodies God gave us.  We went out and got our juicer and our Ninja blender.  maybe this juice will also help tighten up some of this skin, you think?  What’s that you say?  I need to exercise?  DARNIT!!  Oh well you can’t get something for nothing I guess.

I’m actually excited to take better care of myself.  I’ve been doing much research on the food industry here in America.  Yes, I’m one of those people who do not trust the government and doctors. (Hey!  Don’t judge me☺)  I’m serious, you must educate yourselves these days and start taking care of your body nature’s way.  God only gave us one body for this earth, so use it wisely.  Anyway, pray for me.  Here is an awesome documentary you should all watch.  It validates everything I have always suspected!!  You can find it on Netflix.  Just wanted to share this with you today.  As my site says, “A better me equals a better you!”♥


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