WordPress Challenge – Out of Your Element

I’m taking the Fiction challenge Opinionated Man! Here it goes… (eyes squinting and fingers crossed)☺


I Could Be Wrong…

~Here he is with that face again. Boy, those pearly whites are shiny, but there is something underneath that peace. Everyone likes him. Why can’t I just go along to get along? I get on my own nerves. I mean, he has always been nice to me. He shows up early, always helpful and friendly. Look at his wife, very pleasant, she seems a bit sad under the radar though. His hair is nice, he even has dimples, and he speaks so eloquently. After all, he is a great father, so it seems. His wife brags about how he lets her sleep and stays up late with their daughter. I like his daughter Emily, she’s cute and shy, except in class. Her Mom always has a bow in her hair and she wears the cutest jewelry for a 7-year-old. She compliments me on my shoes. There is something there, she is very active in class, but when he comes she clams up a bit.  You would hardly notice unless you were paying close attention.

I can tell he is rather strict. The wife and daughter have to make him look good, I believe it’s very important to him. One night after one of our meetings, Emily was playing with all the other children in the playroom. He came in to chit-chat with me for a second. As he was coming in Emily happened to be rough housing a bit with Tommy, another kid in the class. Tommy and Emily were rolling over some bean bags and laughing. He came in, saw them rolling around the floor, walked swiftly over to Emily and stood her up straight by her arm with one of his hands very abruptly. “Young ladies do not roll around on the floor, do you understand?” he yelled. In 30 seconds all the laughter and joy was sucked out of the room as if by a vacuum. Tommy was frightened and Emily put her head down in sadness and shame. At that moment I wanted to stick up for Tommy and Emily, but I did nothing. He turned to me and struck up a conversation as if nothing had happened. I went along as well as if nothing had happened. It was awkward and weird. It was like getting a sneak peek at a monster who disappeared as fast as it appeared. Then again, maybe he is just a strict father. Could it be that my “gut feeling” is distorting my reality of what is really happening?

Why can’t I just let this go?  Am I a glutton for punishment? Everything is going so great. People are coming and helping. We all work well together and make a great team. Why do I always have to be the one? Maybe it’s me. Do I just look for things to be wrong? Oh wait, here he comes.  “Hello Sir, how are you?”  “I’m great and yourself, by the way, thank you for volunteering the other night. You helped us out big time,” he says. “No problem, happy to help,” I say. He walks away as chipper and friendly as ever and I find it annoying. As if he’d been found guilty of murder and let go immediately. Gosh! I feel so phony! I have absolutely no proof or any tangible reason to not like this guy.  What is wrong with me? No, wait, I cannot ignore this churning in my gut! I don’t care if he seems cleaner than bleach! I don’t care if his name is Dr., deacon, Minister or Pastor whatever! I sense it and I can tell by how he interacts with his wife and daughter, as my grandma used to say, “All that wash ain’t clean!” Sometimes God gives you a sixth sense about these kind of things. I bet my life Minister Bryan is doing something to that little girl! Then again, I could be wrong… Without proof, what can a person do? What would you do?


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