Good Morning! I think…

I’ve always been a “night owl” and lately God is playing an awful trick on me. He is requiring me to change my sleeping habits. The early bird catches the worms? I never liked worms! EWW!  He has pressed upon me to join the early riser club. In my past I’ve found these people to be rather annoying, with their giddy early morning energy. “I don’t need an alarm clock, I just wake up!” -Is their cry… Over the last few weeks it’s been going good, a few back slides here and there. I must say I do enjoy being wide awake when my hubby leaves for work. I’ve even been making him fresh juice in the mornings, GOD MUST BE AT WORK!! That’s the thing about our God, He never leaves us how He finds us. He knows ahead of time what we will need even when we do not understand why he’s meddling in the most trivial (so we think) matters in our lives. As one comes to the conclusion that Father knows best, success is not far off!♥

Continue to allow Him to change you for the better, don’t fight it, it’s for your own good. Have a blessed day!

Kinley Pink☺



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