Damage Control: 5 Steps to refocusing on your goals.

The words I Quit written on a yellow sticky pad of paper written in black.

How often do you think this when the road gets tough?

Many times when we get our bright ideas, we are excited and caught up in the beginning of our creativity. Although, we must remember executing and then traveling through the process to reach a goal has many stumbling blocks. It is those moments that determine our victory. Do I get frustrated and give up, procrastinate, or function sub par? None of those choices will get us where we want to be. We must determine out the gate, if this is what we really want, that quitting is not an option. We must determine in our heart and mind to reach the finish line.finish-line-300x199

This means we should have a plan of strategic moves in the times of discouragement. After-all, it happens to the best of us! Sure there are those rare times when we set out to do a project or start the path towards our dream and everything flows without any interruptions, but this is not the norm.  Life says that anything worth having or building does not come with ease. It comes with much preparation, resolve and perseverance! Let me ask you, do you have a strategic plan of action for those moments of discouragement?

I recently had a challenge even with this blog and starting my YouTube channel. It seems though as soon as I had everything set up and ready to go, the flood gates of interruptions were opened. Everything that could come up in my life did. Nothing bad, just unexpected business and family issues that I did not have before. I looked up and two months had gone by without me blogging or working on my channel. I had to recognize what was happening and strategize so that it does not happen again…. When you’ve fallen off your game, here are 5 steps to getting your focus back!

  1. Remember why you started the project in the first place and list the benefits:  Remind yourself why you had enough creativity and ingenuity to begin this project or goal in the first place. Be specific and write it down. You may need the reminder when you run into road blocks.

  2. Forgive yourself: its easy to camp out in guilt or loserville, beating yourself up and making things worse or you can decide to put it all behind you and continue on, while learning where and how you missed the mark.

  3. Have make-up days or times already in your calendar: Not only should you have tasks in your calendar, but primary or important tasks should have a make-up day/time scheduled as well, that will allow you to still reach your goal in the midst of unexpected interruptions.

  4. Put others on notice!: Share your goal with family and anyone else who could possibly be an interruption. You do not have to go into specific details, but just let them know you are in an important season where focus is needed and you may not be as available as you once were. It will prepare them for the word NO.

  5. Make peace with saying NO!: This is still a hard one for me, but we must recognize our seasons in life and know that we cannot do everything all the time. If you have started a business, a blog, gone back to school, or in your first year or two of marriage; you have to be fully engaged and focused. That means saying NO to those things that will steal your focus. Those who truly care about us will understand. It also creates accountability and may even excite those who will cheer us on!

Now get back up and get going! Here is the bonus tip: Pray, Pray, and Pray some more. Ask God to lead you and He will. He loves when we are doing things that bring Him glory!


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