Destination Church & Ministries


At our Church Jesus is Lord, that single belief calls us together as a community and sends us into our world with hope and purpose.

At our Church your past will never define your future. There’s always redemption which means there’s always a brighter day.

At our Church we don’t think we’re better than any other Church out there. We’re just doing our best to become our best.

At our Church we want you to believe in God, but we also want you to know that God believes in you. We are not against people who don’t attend Church anywhere. Instead we pursue them with love, the very same love that’s pursuing us.

At our Church we’re learning to serve God with all our hearts, and we’re learning to worship him with all our lives. And if you’re looking for the perfect Church, we’re not it. At our Church, we will make mistakes, but we will choose to grow from them.

At our Church we’re part of a global community that’s knit together by the resurrection of Jesus. And by the way, at our Church we believe that that really happened too.

At our Church we will engage with people who are in real need because we are the hands and the feet of Christ.

And finally we need you to hear this loud and clear. At our Church it’s not really our Church at all. It’s His, and we live and move and breath in His Church for His glory and His fame, not ours.

So here’s the invitation… You’re invited to jump in with your whole heart at your own pace and experience the life that awaits you in Christ. Friends, this is gonna be good…

Welcome to our Church.

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