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If you want the world to be a friendlier place, be more friendly. Challenge: Wherever you are, if you happen to make eye contact with someone or are in an elevator with other humans… Greet them, say hi!!! It’s that simple. Don’t be shy, you may make someone’s day with just a polite greeting and a smile☺

Find Your Treasure!

What is it that makes you tick? What brings you joy in this life? Is your peace obtainable in all situations? These are some very important self examining questions toward a joyful and fulfilled life. It is only when we encounter the love of Christ through His word, that we can begin to truly know who we are and why we were created. Although, so often we are willing to learn everything of this world possible, in place of developing an intimate relationship with Christ. We buy the lie that as long as we go to church and do all kinds of “good things” that we know God and we are okay. We create a pattern, pursuing an emotional high of man inspired worship services every Sunday. We have the best preachers, teachers, singers and musicians to fill that void to get us through the next week. Meanwhile, Christ is waiting patiently on the sidelines for us to spend some quality time studying all the letters He took the time to inspire some of His greatest Apostles to write to us. They all were killed except one, to pass along the legacy of Christ that we might be saved from the wrath and justice of a Loving and Holy Father God. Are you on the chase for happiness? Are you in pursuit of everything this world has to offer? Well my friend if you are, your pursuit will lead to a dead end. God sent us His son the Living Word that we would receive salvation and follow the instructions given to us on how to live this life here on the earth. I challenge you to rededicate your commitment to study God’s word, your bible. This will increase your faith and knowledge of God and then you will find joy, peace, and fulfillment unimaginable. You will then be the bearer of hope in a dark world. When your treasure is Christ and His Kingdom, your life and the way you view life will change into something beyond anything you could ever imagine. “Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21),” don’t make your treasure the things in this world. Make your treasure Christ The Lord and he will give you all that you need or want… I pray that you will pursue Him and He will give you rest and peace.


Great passage to meditate on…