Who are you….. really?

6a00e554e887238833016766def001970bIf you ask, many Americans will say they are a Christian. You can meet two people, one living a carnal worldly life; the other a hyper religious life and both will profess to be a Christian. How is this possible? One has to begin to wonder, what is a Christian, really? Is the term “Christian” passe’? After all according to, at least American culture, one can be a Christian no matter what they believe. It is acceptable to pick which parts of the bible you agree with and leave the rest. You can even add to the bible your own beliefs and no one can judge you. After-all, it’s your spiritual journey and who is anyone to tell you what is right, right?

Sadly, this is where years of compromise has led us. The bible is at the mercy of man’s interpretation and therefore can mean whatever any individual decides or wants it to mean. Is this Christianity? Is this acceptable to God? Well it’s time we go to the bible and see what The Word of God says about this definition or is the bible the authority any longer? I’m happy to say it truly is to God and His true disciples. As a matter of fact I no longer feel great about saying I’m a Christian, lately I say I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ because there a so many people saying they are without taking it seriously.

There is still a remnant of true believers in The Kingdom of God who believe in The Word of God, Holiness and obedience to Him. I pray that all of us who call ourselves Christians, believers, and/or disciples of Christ would go back to scripture. I pray that we would earnestly pray, fast and study; not just poach out a few scriptures that we can twist to confirm what we already want to believe. I pray that we would examine ourselves (lifestyles and choices) against scripture, inviting the Holy Spirit to show us the world and its ugliness and how we are to relate to this world as disciples of Christ. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We cannot justify being in love with the world and all it’s indulgences and profess The Kingdom of God. The two do not mix. The question is are you a disciple of Culture or a disciple of Christ, you must choose… Let us all look in the mirror and let the examination begin!! Only use the bible as your standard, not some book a guy wrote or a message from the latest popular televangelist. It’s time to get real about your faith. Let’s start with your conversion story, how and when did you come to Christ?


I’m just saying…


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Rest in God and just be who you are. He made you especially for a specific reason, but only He can show you.


Good Morning! I think…

I’ve always been a “night owl” and lately God is playing an awful trick on me. He is requiring me to change my sleeping habits. The early bird catches the worms? I never liked worms! EWW!  He has pressed upon me to join the early riser club. In my past I’ve found these people to be rather annoying, with their giddy early morning energy. “I don’t need an alarm clock, I just wake up!” -Is their cry… Over the last few weeks it’s been going good, a few back slides here and there. I must say I do enjoy being wide awake when my hubby leaves for work. I’ve even been making him fresh juice in the mornings, GOD MUST BE AT WORK!! That’s the thing about our God, He never leaves us how He finds us. He knows ahead of time what we will need even when we do not understand why he’s meddling in the most trivial (so we think) matters in our lives. As one comes to the conclusion that Father knows best, success is not far off!♥

Continue to allow Him to change you for the better, don’t fight it, it’s for your own good. Have a blessed day!

Kinley Pink☺


Ugly is Ugly, just admit it and move on…

It is not until we are willing to identify, admit and face the ugly reality of our sin that God can come in and redeem, heal and restore us unto righteousness. His righteousness through Christ Jesus is a gift from Him, that way none of us can boast (Ephesians 2:8-9). Face it, sin is ugly, but no sin is worthy of us living in shame and/or guilt. God is able to give us beauty for ashes. Although, we cannot for one minute justify, belittle, or gloss over the truth of sin. We must view sin according to God’s standards not the world’s or our standards. Decide who is your authority. Is it this world, the government, your family, your friends? As Christ followers we must decide that God defines what is sin and what is wrong, not us or anyone else.
“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Once we are willing to face the ugly truth of sin in our lives and look into the mirror saying, “Yes I was or I am a (fill in the blank) or whatever, but God has cleansed me from all unrighteousness and I can walk as a child of light with my eyes on Jesus, shutting the mouth of the devil because I am no longer ashamed, but what the devil meant for harm God will use it for His glory!!!! God can use whatever the devil was trying to bury us with!!!! BUT first, we must let go of our pride, guilt, and shame and admit the wretchedness of our sin. Sin does not become ok or not as bad, just because I did it or are doing it!
No one of us is better than the other, we have all fallen short. Do not give satan satisfaction by glossing over your sin. Come clean, admit your sin and faults so God can set you free and He can freely move in your life.♥

Mind Bubble…

Feeling very excited about the future. Of course, God does not let us in on all the details, but I’m sure He has it all figured out. Therefore, I can just cast my cares upon Him and keep moving forward!♥

Are you for real?

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Well my birthday is coming up on Monday. I will be 48 years old. I can’t believe it, me, almost 50!!! Although, I must say this is the most liberating wonderful time of my life so far. God has given me the confidence to just be me and not worry about how I’m received by others. Do not misunderstand me please. I happen to be a loving person and will go out of my way to make sure I’m helping others be all they can be, but not at the expense of being true to who I am. If you are not mindful, people will have you forsaking the essence of who you are to accommodate their fears and flaws. I have learned this the hard way. It is not necessarily that they mean to, we are all selfish by nature and it is only God who can bring this to our attention and teach us to be more considerate of others.

When I was younger the overly conscientious me would almost die at the thought of someone not liking me, being against me or any type of confrontation. Therefore, I would find myself shrinking away or staying quiet from an immense fear of offending someone or someone being angry with me. Fear and my own insecurities drowned out who I really was. I would find myself going along to get along, knowing deep inside I may be in total disagreement. Well I’m happy to say that through God’s word, grace, mercy and many trials; I am free!!! Free from the looming doom of what someone says or thinks about who I am. “If God is for me, who can be against me!” I wake up everyday in His presence and I rely on Him to help me be the best me I can be! I am a straight forward type of person, it’s truly hard for me to be dishonest in a relationship, I need to say how I feel! Of course, I use God’s wisdom as when to let my feelings be known. Nevertheless, I must be transparent, that is my nature. When fear left, my true nature arose. I am comfortable with who God created me to be.

However, not everyone is as happy as I am. I have a hard time remaining in close relationship with people who like to pretend. It’s my Achilles heel. I have an extremely hard time pretending things are okay when they are clearly not. What I have found in life though, is people LOVE pretending! It is extremely comfortable for many people to live in fantasy land. They like pretending and hiding their true feelings. They will suffer internally trying to hide how they really feel and pretend on the outside that everything is lovely. Then in walks a person like me, who is upfront and forthcoming and I become the enemy! They have a “Do not Disturb” sign on their life of illusions. Then here I come ruining La-La land by just being honest and upfront, not wanting any relationships with false pretenses. Many people lie when they say they want the truth, no they don’t. They want you to go along or shut up and go away.

Therefore, I have to resign to the fact that not everyone will like me. I have family & friends who truly get me and appreciates who I am and I’m okay with that. God has blessed me with wonderful close friends and as long as I wake up everyday truly loving God, humble, loving others and wanting to please God, He will take care of the rest. I will no longer worry about who likes me and who does not. God is in control, not me. I will only forewarn you, if you do not truly want an honest friend, I’m not the friend for you. On the other hand, you are free to be honest with me, I welcome it, even if it stings a bit, that’s okay. Life is short, get with God and be strengthened in who He created you to be and run with it!!!♥