Who are you….. really?

6a00e554e887238833016766def001970bIf you ask, many Americans will say they are a Christian. You can meet two people, one living a carnal worldly life; the other a hyper religious life and both will profess to be a Christian. How is this possible? One has to begin to wonder, what is a Christian, really? Is the term “Christian” passe’? After all according to, at least American culture, one can be a Christian no matter what they believe. It is acceptable to pick which parts of the bible you agree with and leave the rest. You can even add to the bible your own beliefs and no one can judge you. After-all, it’s your spiritual journey and who is anyone to tell you what is right, right?

Sadly, this is where years of compromise has led us. The bible is at the mercy of man’s interpretation and therefore can mean whatever any individual decides or wants it to mean. Is this Christianity? Is this acceptable to God? Well it’s time we go to the bible and see what The Word of God says about this definition or is the bible the authority any longer? I’m happy to say it truly is to God and His true disciples. As a matter of fact I no longer feel great about saying I’m a Christian, lately I say I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ because there a so many people saying they are without taking it seriously.

There is still a remnant of true believers in The Kingdom of God who believe in The Word of God, Holiness and obedience to Him. I pray that all of us who call ourselves Christians, believers, and/or disciples of Christ would go back to scripture. I pray that we would earnestly pray, fast and study; not just poach out a few scriptures that we can twist to confirm what we already want to believe. I pray that we would examine ourselves (lifestyles and choices) against scripture, inviting the Holy Spirit to show us the world and its ugliness and how we are to relate to this world as disciples of Christ. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. We cannot justify being in love with the world and all it’s indulgences and profess The Kingdom of God. The two do not mix. The question is are you a disciple of Culture or a disciple of Christ, you must choose… Let us all look in the mirror and let the examination begin!! Only use the bible as your standard, not some book a guy wrote or a message from the latest popular televangelist. It’s time to get real about your faith. Let’s start with your conversion story, how and when did you come to Christ?


I don’t know and it’s okay…

Why do we assume because we are adults and have lived 3 decades or more, that we know what is best for ourselves in all circumstances? I can’t tell you how many people I’ve encountered over the years who could have avoided serious life tragedies such as job loss, divorce, parenting blunders, and many others, if they had only sought wise counsel. Just because we are adults does not mean we have all the answers or the best solutions. This post is to provoke us to think about what or who is deciding what is best for our lives or assisting us to make wise decisions in difficult circumstances. Are you the only authority or examiner for your life? Is it the culture you live in that subconsciously dictates what is best for you? Could it be the biased opinion of one or more family members? Do you believe in God and if so, what does your God believe? Just some questions to provoke you to think. Life is too short to move forward on assumption. All of us should be learning from someone who can be objective, knows more and has more experience with a proven track record. Even a mentor needs a mentor, it keeps us on our toes and creates accountability. #Humility breeds true greatness. It is a wise person who knows when guidance is needed. Proverbs 20:15 There is gold and abundance of costly stones, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.

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Find Your Treasure!

What is it that makes you tick? What brings you joy in this life? Is your peace obtainable in all situations? These are some very important self examining questions toward a joyful and fulfilled life. It is only when we encounter the love of Christ through His word, that we can begin to truly know who we are and why we were created. Although, so often we are willing to learn everything of this world possible, in place of developing an intimate relationship with Christ. We buy the lie that as long as we go to church and do all kinds of “good things” that we know God and we are okay. We create a pattern, pursuing an emotional high of man inspired worship services every Sunday. We have the best preachers, teachers, singers and musicians to fill that void to get us through the next week. Meanwhile, Christ is waiting patiently on the sidelines for us to spend some quality time studying all the letters He took the time to inspire some of His greatest Apostles to write to us. They all were killed except one, to pass along the legacy of Christ that we might be saved from the wrath and justice of a Loving and Holy Father God. Are you on the chase for happiness? Are you in pursuit of everything this world has to offer? Well my friend if you are, your pursuit will lead to a dead end. God sent us His son the Living Word that we would receive salvation and follow the instructions given to us on how to live this life here on the earth. I challenge you to rededicate your commitment to study God’s word, your bible. This will increase your faith and knowledge of God and then you will find joy, peace, and fulfillment unimaginable. You will then be the bearer of hope in a dark world. When your treasure is Christ and His Kingdom, your life and the way you view life will change into something beyond anything you could ever imagine. “Wherever your treasure is, there will your heart be also (Matthew 6:21),” don’t make your treasure the things in this world. Make your treasure Christ The Lord and he will give you all that you need or want… I pray that you will pursue Him and He will give you rest and peace.


Great passage to meditate on… https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+John+2